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If you did not read part 1 already, I suggest you start there. The Twang Man Trad. Leopard leather clutch bag, Personalize Clutch,Leather leopard Clutch, leopard clutch, Suede clutch, leopard , etsy sales. Unfortunately, due to restrictions, this item cannot be

But a clutch is far more than just a small handbag. They come in various forms, shapes and sizes. Mytheresa shows you the vast variety of the designer clutch, from a small white clutch purse to a pearl-embellished clutch or large envelope clutch bag.
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Clutches Contemporary Anya Hindmarch lunch box-inspired shoulder bag in colorblock nylon with leather trim. Flat grosgrain shoulder strap wraps around base. Suede lining; slip and zip compartments.
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Celebrityowned cares about YOU! Prairie Rivets Crossbody Clutch. Wristlet strap can be removed for clutch wear. Dog leash style clip to attach to a hand bag. Coach creed with the model number on a leather patch. Chain can be removed for clutch wear. It was a gift. It is in Cream leather and a mint suede. The strap is detachable. It comes with original box. Black signature logo jacquard lining.

This beautiful handbag is made out of high quality genuine suede leather. Polished silver tone hardware. The unauthorized use of these images is prohibited! Olive green suede body. I am not responsible for individual manufacturer's sizing! Chaplin Drive Leopard Crossbody. Use it as a pouch or toss all your essentials in it and use it as a clutch, this foldover style features chic Italian leather on one side and luxe suede on the other.

The actual tone may vary from monitor to monitor as well as in person. Foldover front flap with magnetic snap button closure. No dust cover bag included.

Due to the many variations in monitors and browsers, color may appear different on different monitors. We do our very best to make sure our photo color are as close to the product as possible on our monitor. Fur and crystal over suede. Chain and suede strap, can be tucked inside for a clutch. Our main focus is the resale ofauthentic designer clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories. I'm in the area! We are happy to pull any item s you may want to see in person, if you're close by!

Detachable chain shoulder strap. Wear it crossbody, on shoulder or remove the strap to use it as a clutch. Magnetic snap flap closure. Exterior back slip pocket with magnetic snap closure. It has several pockets and the front closes with a lobster clasp. This bag is really nice! Below is more info on this lovely bag - Exterior features contrasting suede flap, leather construction, and 1 back slip pocket. Got one to sell? You may also like.

Buying format see all. Brand Type see all. Style Subtype see all. Guaranteed Delivery see all. Please provide a valid price range. Robert go raibh maith agat! I think that read may make a bit more sense in the context of the others groups mentioned, showing solidarity with people of color.

Thanks to Stanton for suggesting that read. Tipperary, along the Shannon on the road from near Nenagh to Burrisokane. Thanks to Antman for the info in the link. The "dilly" probably refers to the link gives you a QTVR tour of the circle. During the '60s it was a favorite spot of the hippie crowd, while today it is the start of London's West End theatre district. The centerpiece of the circle is the large statue of Eros, the Greek god of love. I've got two possible reads for the "swift one off the wrist" line.

I always heard this song as discussing the horrible quality of life -- including selling oneself into prostitution -- for the young and disaffected in the lower depths of London. So, while I have no "first hand" experience on this one, I thought the lines referred to the cost 5 pounds of a hand job. DzM wrote to suggest that "a swift one off the wrist" could refer to getting a cheaper-than-usual shot of heroin that was injected in the lower forearm, closer to the hand than the elbow where those big veins get the bigger doses.

There is a police station located on Vine Street, so I suspect the line refers to some rough treatment at the hands of the local constabulary.

Apparently he had been arrested for the theft of a chair from a pub, and while in custody, he was "interviewed" by a detective: Twenty minutes of solid beating. And going, 'And now you're going to have assaulting a police officer added to your charge! And this wasn't even his case" [ellipsis in the original]. The only other references I could find for "wildcats of Kilkenny" were to a girls basketball team and a fiddle band out of Canada that, I suspect, took its name from the Pogues rather than vice-versa.

There once were two cats of Kilkenny Each thought there was one cat too many So they fought and they fit, And they scratched and they bit, 'Til excepting their nails And the tips of their tails, Instead of two cats, there weren't any.

Also, there are accounts that when Cromwell and his troops "visited" the Kilkenny area, part of their entertainment entailed no pun intended hanging a rope across a narrow street and tying two cats to the rope and letting them have at it see the poem above.

The stories were circulated to demonstrate Cromwell's monstrosity. In later years, as a result of these stories, the folks of Kilkenny were said to fight fiercely, "like Kilkenny cats" a big thanks to Kate for both the poem and the Cromwell story. According to a story, some people in the town of Kilkenny in Ireland enjoyed tying the tails of two cats and watching them fight till only their tales were left behind.

Most likely the story is a parable of a contest between Kilkenny and Irishtown, two municipalities which fought about their boundaries till little more than their tails were left [it then quotes from the limerick poem reproduced above before adding the following usage example]: The story is that, during the rebellion of Ireland, Kilkenny was garrisoned by a troop of Hessian soldiers, who amused themselves in barracks by tying two cats together by their tails and throwing them across a clothes-line to fight.

The officers, hearing of this, resolved to put a stop to the practice. The look-out man, enjoying the sport, did not observe the officer on duty approaching the barracks; but one of the troopers, more quick-sighted, seizing a sword, cut the two tails, and the cats made their escape.

When the officer inquired the meaning of the two bleeding tails, he was coolly told that two cats had been fighting and had devoured each other all but the tails. Whatever the true story, it is certain that the municipalities of Kilkenny and Irishtown contended so stoutly about their respective boundaries and rights to the end of the seventeenth century, that they mutually impoverished each other, leaving little else than "two tails" behind.

This is a traditional Scottish tune, the lyrics differing in subtle but significant ways from the version recorded by the Pogues. Click to open a window with the full lyric. In Scots gaelic, "gaun" means "going", and "canny" in this context, means "warily. In the Pogues version Jock Stewart is bit more sinister: In this context, "canny" takes on the sense of "skilled. We see another major difference -- especially from the dog's perspective -- in the third verse, where the Pogues use.

In the traditional, Jock takes his dog shooting with him along the river Spey; in the Pogues version, the pooch is shot. This might be a stretch, but "Where the water lillies grow" is the chorus to the 19th century ballad "Agnes by the River. I originally thought that "Johnny" might refer to Johnny McEvoy a country artist who came to prominence on the Irish music scene in the s, and was likened to an "Irish Bob Dylan" since among his hits were a version of "Muirshin Durkin" and a tune called "Those Brown Eyes.

Cash recorded an album and song released in called "A Thing Called Love" click to open a window with the full lyrics. Thanks to Lutz for the heads up! So this old guy starts on about how he came back from the war, the First World War. One of them anyway. And he tells him about the ship he had out there and how he got out and came back and this girl had fucked off with someone else, a girl with a pair of brown eyes.

Which is the same situation as the young guy sitting there listening to all this rubbish and the juke box playing Johnny Cash and Ray Lyman [sic] and Philomena Begley, classic London juke box tracks. And in the end he gets to the stage where he says fuck it, and he goes stumbling out of the pub and he walks along the canal and starts feeling really bad, on the verge of tears, and he starts realising that the old guy has had a whole fucking lifetime of that feeling, going through the war and everything, but his original reaction is to hate him and despise him.

I'm not saying he goes back and starts talking to him but you know Ray Lynam and The Hillbillies became a fixture on the Irish record charts in the late s and one of the leading music artists in Ireland. During the s Lynam had a weekly gig at Dublin's Harcourt Hotel. As far as I know, he is still singing and touring throughout Ireland.

Indeed, in January she was awarded the 'Millennium Inspirational Award' from Country Music Ireland at its inaugural awards ceremony. It initially saw action at Suvla Bay in the Gallipoli campaign of see " Matilda " below , and later in the Balkans and in the Middle East. Like many of the tunes in the Shane repertoire, "Brown Eyes" has roots in traditional Irish music. In this case, the scene and descriptions seem to have been inspired, if not outright influenced by, the traditional antiwar song "The Kerry Recruit" click to open a window with the full lyrics lyrics; thanks to Dana for the heads up.

Okay, this one might be a reach and it's more of one those "interpretation" issues rather than an identification issue, which is what you'll mostly find on The Parting Glass. Obviously, it could be the instrument, which is also known as a "mouth organ," and which you play by blowing or sucking air through it. Given that reality, it's not surprising that the term also came to refer to the male sex organ.

If this read is right, then it certainly could be one way to "soothe the souls" of both the psychos and the horny men in the bar, and also might account for the happy expressions come the morning after. And he went around with a cast around his neck for the next six months, which is why they called him the elephant man.

The elephant man broke strong men's necks when he's has too many Powers. Joseph Merrick , was born on 5 August in Leicester. He suffered from severe physical abnormalities and attributed them to the fact that while in utero, his pregnant mother was trampled by an escaped elephant during a visit to a local fair.

He eventually ended up a circus side show attraction and died in due to complications from his deformity apparently the weight of his huge skull broke his neck and he died during his sleep.

His life was the subject of both a play and movie called "The Elephant Man. In the lyric booklet accompanying the cd, the line is rendered as above i.

I'm working on this reference to try to square away the chronology, but I did find a for a "Sally MacLennane Stout" for you home brewers out there, so that "learning to love the virtues of sweet Sally MacLennane" may be a reference to this particular type of stout, alleged to be sweeter than Guinness. Given Shane's fondness for using either historical or literary references for his characters, I thought Sally Mac would be no exception, but so far I haven't been able to find any references to this charmer.

Daniel writes that "the pump" is another name for the tap used for pouring a pint. While "to hump" would be American slang for fornication or Aussie slang for carrying a load or working hard, "the hump" is slang for depression or a bad mood; although I suspect the former depression works better in this context.

So to take the hump would, I think, mean to get through the bad times. To "drink the brown" probably refers to a traditional english bitter as in Newcastle Brown; thanks again Daniel. The Pogues got this classic track from the Scotish folk singing giant Ewan MacColl although their version sounds closer to that recorded by the Dubliners than the one by MacColl himself. Ewan was married to Peggy Seegar sister to the legendary American folk singer Pete Seeger , and is the father of Kirsty MacColl, who joined the band on several songs, most notably ".

The leaders of the gang were the brothers, Frank and Jesse James.

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