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Find great deals on eBay for athletic fit suits. Shop with confidence.

More room in the arms, thighs, and shoulders is great. I can get away with a 34S off the rack or a 36S with getting the waist taken in a bit. Crew or anyone else is just me entertaining wild fancies. September 19, at 9:

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Find great deals on eBay for athletic fit suits. Shop with confidence.
Find great deals on eBay for athletic fit suits. Shop with confidence.

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That was their more trad-tailored suit which they discontinued a few years back. I get lowering armholes, more room in the seat, etc. I totally agree with eric. Lots of people knock the lapel width for the Ludlow as being too skinny, and for someone wearing a 40 suit, it is too skinny.

But for size 34, 36, and maybe eve 38, it looks very proportional. I also think lapel width that increases with suit size would be a nice touch, keeping the proportions correct across the board. I have a super athletic body, I did MMA and then body building. And the Ludlow suit has never fit in the biceps, or around my shoulders. I may need to try on a Claiborne soon.

Full I could stand to lose a few pounds but my problem is the jacket. That being said ouch. I am also curious as to how you add chest and shoulder area… without just increasing your jacket size up a size. And longer inseams all around. I ended up buying a Claiborne blazer, and it fit me pretty well, too. My thighs are also a bit too big for most of their pants. Maybe something that has to do with the geometry of a suit jacket?

While I appreciate JCrew for trying to make what essentially is their Ludlow suit more accessible, it seems they purposely overlooked making the lapels wider. More than anything, I would like to see an cut that accommodates for double-digits drops. Of course, to expect something like that from J. Crew or anyone else is just me entertaining wild fancies. A 44R worked for me, but it needed massive amounts of waist suppression. That said, I have a SS Napoli fit 44S that I also made work, and looks great now, but that also needed serious tailoring as well.

To be honest, my personal preference is towards online MTM. If you can be patient VERY patient, in my case; it took Indochino four remakes to get the trousers right , once the fit is dialed in, it fits and looks the best. More room in the arms, thighs, and shoulders is great. I have 2 old ludlow suits and the only reason they are old and unused are because of those reasons. Hopefully these solve the problem. The way it works, from my limited understanding, is that they add inches to different seams in the body of the jacket, which causes the fabric to have more leeway in different areas.

Opening up the suit is really an practice of cause and effect. And even then, two different bespoke suits for the same person can fit differently, depending on the silhouette and other factors.

Have I just not been paying attention to the non-sale price of Ludlow suits for comparison. And if a site always offers codes and a sale section albeit not on everything , why would I ever feel comfortable buying at full price?

We often suggest that guys go with a slim fit because we love the way it drapes on the frames of most guys, following their natural shape. But following the natural shape of an athletic fit guy with a sizeable drop and big upper arms and legs can backfire and make for a suit that is shaped like something made for Jessica Rabbit.

Athletic fit types should choose between the tailored and standard fits which have less waist suppression and are less tapered all around. Our rule of thumb is that younger athletic fit guys looking for a more modern look should stick with the tailored fit while mature gentlemen with an athletic body type who are seeking a more traditional look should opt for a standard fit.

Adding a vest to a suit is a great idea for any guy. Getting a pair of pleated pants is not the deadly sin the fashion press has made it out to be. Traditionally pleated pants are always cuffed. Also, the single button draws visual attention to your mid-section and the lower button stance cinches your waist. Another modern touch that we like is the slim lapel. But lapel width, a subject we went into in more depth a while back giving it a full article , is another place where athletic fit guys should be careful.

When your chest is big, a slim lapel will start to look out of proportion and appear like one of those uber-trendy skinny lapels that got out of control a few years ago. Stick with the classics and go with a regular sized lapel. And speaking of trends, since lapel width and tie width go hand-in-hand, now is a good time to get rid of any ultra narrow ties that may have crept into your closet during the super skinny tie craze. We are proponents of double vents or side vents on suit jackets.

We like the smooth lines that stay intact and cover your backside even when you reach into your pocket. For athletic fit guys, we are even more in favor of the side vent. A ventless or single vented jacket will make hip flare worse, but side vents can help to minimize flaring. We know that everybody is different and there is no one set of rules for getting the fit right. If there were, there would be no need for made-to-measure clothes.

Following the advice above will have you well on your way to mastering the athletic fit suit. Having trouble perfecting your fit? Normally wear a sport jacket, but alway a tent in the waist. Im getting married August I need an athletic cut tuxedo.

We have a piece all about athletic fit suits , so, regardless of who you choose to get your tuxedo through, you know what to look for.

This was extremely helpful. Now looking to modernize and this knowledge was a key step. As a regular weightlifter and crossfitter, finding a well fitting suit has been a challenge to say the least. Fit is our thing.

We go to sleep with visions of perfectly fitting suits in our heads. Then we dream about perfecting the art of adaptive waist suppression and wake up, have a cup of Ethiopian coffee one of our other passions and get back to flawless fits. Very Helpful for us guys that go to the gym 5 times a week and like to.

Working at a menswear store, I can definitely attest that fitting a guy with a V-shaped torso can be a pain in the rear sometimes. Where we have to back him away from getting the waist taken in too much, as it will throw off the fit of the jacket and just look bad on him. Your email address will not be published.

What to Look for in an Athletic Fit Suit.

Shop for modern fit and athletic fit mens suits. Get the latest styles, brands and selection in men's clothing from Men's Wearhouse. For athletic fit guys looking to get a regular off-the-rack suit to fit well, our advice is to get to know your tailor well. Most off-the-rack clothing is not made for the athletic body type. There are “athletic fit” suits to be had out there, but the selection is limited and they still may need major alterations to perfect the fit. Find great deals on eBay for athletic fit suit. Shop with confidence.

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