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#4 – Lilac/Lavender Photo credit: Mel via Flickr. Lilac, or Lavender, is a much rarer coat color found in cats and isn’t purple at all, but is the result of a diluted chocolate color.

Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources. Although seen in several colors and pattern, the most common colors are amber and auburn. The two most distinctive features of the breed are its color and head shape. Either tight ringlets for shorthairs or long corkscrew curls for longhairs are displayed with the tightest curls being on the belly and underside, the throat, and the base of the ears. Maybe there's some new meds I can look into.

Amber eyes vary from light brown (overlapping with the lighter eyes sometimes found in black-pigmented dogs) to yellow, yellow-green or grey. Isabella (dd) Weimaraner, showing very pale eyes that almost match the shade of its coat.
The large, round eyes may be blue, orange, golden, green, or copper-coloured, depending on the colour of the cat. The soft, finely textured coat forms a heavy ruff about the neck. The longhair is bred in a number of colour varieties.
Abyssinians' eyes should be green, amber, or hazel in color. These cats are highly active and athletic, as well as social and intelligent. The cat's relative is the Somali, which is basically the semi-longhaired version of the Abyssinian.
The large, round eyes may be blue, orange, golden, green, or copper-coloured, depending on the colour of the cat. The soft, finely textured coat forms a heavy ruff about the neck. The longhair is bred in a number of colour varieties.
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Browncoat green eyes Published on by admin Categories Black Coat, Black Jacket, Green Coat, Jacket Men, Jacket Womens, Ladies Coats, Ladies Parka, Long Jacket, Mens Coats, Outerwear, Outerwear Jackets, Overcoat, Women's Coats.

The question remains is, what further threat does she even pose? The oldest man there, with thick glasses asked, "Does anyone even think she would be a capable leader of any sort of uprising? Her training makes her a match for just about any operative in hand to hand combat.

The first man explained, "No. She's not together enough mentally to lead. She'll fight back and protect better than any normal human at times, but her head's not all there. I mean she was a reader before we ever got a hold of her. The first man smiled mischievously. Our top operative failed.

I say we give it a shot. It won't even be our resources at risk. The doors to the office opened for the first time in hours, and a nervous, young man with bright red hair walked in, keeping his head down. The lithe blonde gentlemen smiled and continued, "About the hero you can call on to save the world? The first man would have none of this. He smiled but firmly insisted, "Did your grandfather not pass this secret to you on his deathbed? Do you really believe he would have wasted his final words on a joke?

But at his age, and in his condition, you may not be able to take everything at face value. No matter how unlikely I find the idea of… a wizard hero.

The oldest man with the thick glasses asked respectfully, "Could someone please enlighten the rest of us on just what your grandfather believed and shared with his final words? The redhead took a moment and reluctantly explained, "My grandfather told me that our family has long been the keepers of a true wizard hero.

The redhead nodded and began to recall the entirety of his grandfather's final hour. He believed our family was one of the more notable ones. Apparently these wizards were a complete functioning society as recently as a century before the destruction of the Earth-That-Was. Now if you believe in all this mumbo-jumbo you have to go back four or five centuries. There was an extremely talented wizard who, while humble to a fault, was a hero in every sense of the word.

He defeated five different fledgling Dark Lords and one full-fledged mean-arse bastard who many considered the most horrible Dark Lord ever. I remember clarifying this point with my grandfather as I asked him if he meant mean-ass but my grandfather insisted, 'No, it's mean-arse. He loved his wife but they were never able to have children, and then she died when she was He hung around for a decade or so, bored out of his mind.

Apparently his legend had grown to the point that he didn't have much purpose left. So he supposedly put himself in a magical sleep, so that when his help could be used again, he'd be awoken and called on. He had no family left after his wife died, but apparently he was extremely close to one exceptionally large family. He entrusted himself and bound himself to that family line.

The redhead looked around and saw everyone watching him in various states of disbelief. The redhead lifted his right hand into the air and pointed to his middle finger. But I never put this ring on. It appeared on this finger shortly after my grandfather passed.

And I have never been able to take it off. The first man who had been smiling through most of this asked, "Tell me, Antonio. Would you be willing to help your government and find out the truth about your grandfather's final words? We had a mission and lost our best operative. We are looking for alternatives to try before risking more operatives.

The blonde man reluctantly smiled and explained, "Mission success is not highly critical, so now is the right time for taking a chance on something… different. The redhead nodded vigorously, "Of course, sirs. I'm with you one hundred percent. It's just…" He hesitated a moment and shrugged his shoulders. And I don't particularly want to lose a finger either. One of the older gentlemen was tapping his chin.

If it is magical, they're the most likely ones sensitive enough to recognize it. I think you have to be magical to activate it. And he, that is to say my grandfather, thought readers may be all that's left of wizards and witches. If there is any truth at all that you can call on this wizard hero, then it becomes necessary to find this out and test his worth, before we get into a situation that would really require some And part of me wonders if we're manipulating and using this mysterious arguably fictional man.

The blonde man looked over his shoulder and smiled at the redhead. It's a man's duty to serve his fellow man. If he's such a hero, he'll be happy to help. The blonde woman stared straight at Antonio, before tilting her head and staring at him sideways. She smiled a smile that warmed Antonio's heart. She was trying to relax him. Knowing she had succeeded without even looking, she bent down and stared at the ring.

She looked around the room and saw all the men in coats were waving at her wildly trying to get her attention. She ignored them and slid her finger over the ring again. She let out a spasm of pleasure that embarrassed Antonio more than anyone else.

One of the men in sunglasses began to open the door to the clear plastic prison, but one of the doctors pulled him back. This was the moment the blonde woman traced a soft line up Antonio's middle finger and then pressed down firmly right on the top of his ring. Antonio yelped to feel the ring responding, as it slivered around his finger like some sort of molten metal. The blonde woman whipped her head around to the doctors and scientists in the room.

She smiled softly and covered her mouth with her hand. A funnel of light and thick smoke hid the entire room from view as the scientists were scrambling to understand all their readings. Antonio was screaming in fright even though he was in no pain, and only felt a slightly cool wetness on the hand of his trapped arm. When the vents above the glass prison finally kicked on and sucked all the smoke and mist away, there laying on the ground was a completely naked older man, spooning and clutching the unconscious blonde woman tightly against his body.

The old man began shaking and convulsing, before finally settling down. He opened his eyes and looked around the plastic prison containing him. The two men in sunglasses were in the plastic room and carrying the unconscious girl to someplace else secure. Individual personalities vary, of course. Some may be somewhat reserved; however, most are outgoing, playful and talkative in a charming, coquettish way.

Not only will these delightful brown characters insist on being a part of every activity in the household, they also insist on having the very last word on everything. The breed is considered moderately active when compared to some of the other shorthair breeds.

They love nothing more than a sprint around the house or a game of tag if there are other cats to join in. Second to playing, their next favorite pastime is napping. Their choice of a sleeping partner may very well be their favorite human companion. Being naturally inquisitive, the Havana Brown reaches out with a paw to touch and feel when investigating curiosities in its environment. They are truly sensitive by nature and frequently gently touch their human companions as if they are extending a paw of friendship.

While a minimum of grooming and maintenance is required for this shorthaired breed, it is important that a regular grooming and bathing routine be established at an early age.

Most Havana Browns love attention and will happily submit to a full body rub down with a soft rubber brush. Front and back claws should be clipped and the insides of the ears gently cleaned.

Finish with a quick buffing using your hands, a soft chamois cloth or silk scarf. They experience a minimal amount of hair loss or shedding, so bathing on a regular basis is not necessary if the cat is not being shown. The ideal Havana Brown is best described as a cat of medium size and structure, firm and muscular, exhibiting a sense of power yet also elegance and gracefulness. Browncoat, Green Eyes by Nonjon. Browncoat, Green Eyes 3. Harry Potter crossover Post Serenity.

Two years have passed since the secret of the planet Miranda got broadcast across the whole 'verse in The crew of Serenity finally hires a new pilot, but he's a bit peculiar. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Browncoat, Green Eyes , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Browncoat, Green Eyes. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Aug 08, Selena added it Shelves: Finally being forced to finish this because I'm podcasting on it, after starting it several times over the last couple years, but never finishing it. Nov 27, Charlie rated it it was ok. The story is pretty entertaining but harry is too special, perfect and amazing for my liking.

Plus he feels OOC and the author rewrites magical rules at their liking so it ends up feeling like second-hand characterization, like they read a few fics and then built their own character who bears a passing resemblance to Harry Potter.

PROLOGUE – Two Years Ago (October 31st, )The CDM has long been the backbone of every major and minor decision making process. From the smallest three person office to the largest unified federation of planets allied together under a centralized governing institution. Browncoat, Green Eyes General information Author nonjon Posted 23 March Length 39 chapters; , words Link Browncoat, Green Eyes [Source] Browncoat, Green Eyes is a crossover novel by nonjon. Summary Two years have passed since the secret of Link: Browncoat, Green Eyes. This is an unofficial fan site and is not connected or endorsed by J.K. Rowling or Warner Bros. Harry Potter and its characters are property of JK Rowling in association with Warner Brothers.

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